NBA Mock Draft Picks 21-30

21. Portland Trailblazers – Kenneth Faried PF Morehead State 6-8 225

Analysis: Not a better player to draft here that will come in and be a solid role player than Faried. Could be a good backup to LeMarcus Aldridge that will give the Trailblazers rebounding and defense. With the loss of Dante Cunningham and Joel Przybilla last year Faried would add depth to their frontline and bring a certain toughness while in the game.

22. Denver Nuggets – Nikola Vucevic PF/C USC 7-0 260

Analysis: The biggest need I see for the Nuggets is at the PF position. With Kenyon Martin basically heading out the door as a player, the Nuggets need to fill his role. They could add depth to their frontline by adding Vucevic who is a great pick and pop player. I don’t see a need to draft a PG or SF here since they have a multiple players at both positions. Only other option I see is a SG here, but not one to take at 23.

23. Houston Rockets – Darris Morris- PG Michigan 6-5 190

Analysis: Basically an Andre Miller clone, Morris has very good height for a PG at 6-5 and uses his frame to overpower smaller guards. Has a good first step and is always looking to create off the dribble. Needs to establish a better outside shot as his career progresses, but that will come over time.

24. Oklahoma City Thunder – Kyle Singler SF Duke 6-9 225

Analysis: With the trade of Jeff Green, the Thunder have a wide open hole at the SF spot. Kyle Singler could be a perfect backup to Kevin Durant that will come in a give 100% effort every minute on the floor. Can guard multiple positions and has very high basketball IQ.

25. Boston Celtics – Justin Harper PF Richmond 6-9 230

Analysis: With an aging Boston Celtics team the Celtics need to fill up that front line. Harper is a similar player to Kevin Garnett (minus the defense) where he can extend the defense with his jump shot and is very athletic for a 6-9 player. Harper could provide depth for the Celtics and depth is a must with the age of the team. A center would be a definite need, but at pick 25 there isn’t many options. Look for the Celtics to pick up a center during the  free agency period

26. Dallas Mavericks – Davis Bertans SF Latvia 6-10 215

Analysis: Could be the best shooter in this draft behind Jimmer. But at 6-10 he adds a much more dangerous threat to a defense than Jimmer with his ability to shoot the ball from anywhere. At only 18 year old, Bertans has a lot of room for improvement and who better to learn from then NBA finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki. Can shoot from off the dribble, around screens, or spotting up much like the arsenal Dirk has. Only dilemma I see her is that his agent has previously stated that he will pull out of the draft if not guaranteed by a team in the first round.

27. New Jersey Nets – Josh Selby SG Kansas 6-3 195

Analysis: The Nets are in a need of a pure scorer to compliment Deron Williams and Brook Lopez and Selby fits that mold perfectly. With not much scoring coming from anyone else but Williams and Lopez, Selby could come and give the Nets a quality option from the SG spot. Selby has the ability to knock down the three as well as the athletic ability to get to rim and create off the dribble. Just overall one of the most athletic players in the draft (ex. 42inch vertical)

28. Chicago Bulls – Charles Jenkins PG/SG Hofstra 6-3 220

Analysis: What was missing from the #1 seeded Bulls this year was a legit scoring option from the SG position. I think the Bulls would prefer to grab Selby at this spot, but Jenkins is no slouch. A prolific scorer who is very efficient shooting 51.7% from the field, as well as 42% from the three point line. Better shooter when spotting up, which is is perfect with Derrick Rose delivering the ball. Has high basketball IQ and is willing to do the dirty work.

29. San Antonio Spurs – Chandler Parsons SF Florida 6-10 220

Analysis: Parsons is a “do everything” type of player. Played anywhere from the SG to the PF position at Florida. Has been developing his outside shot which at the end of the year looked very smooth. With the great coaching staff in San Antonio, Parsons could develop into a solid role player down the road.

30. Chicago Bulls – Tyler Honeycutt SF UCLA 6-8 190

Analysis: With no reliable back up to Loul Deng this year (yeah, I’m not a fan of Kyle Korver), Honeycutt is a tall lanky SF that can shoot the ball well coming off screens. Great player off the ball, moving without the ball, and coming off screens. Will fit into the rugged defense the Bulls run by using his lateral quickness and long arms. Honeycutt didn’t develope as much as I’d like to see during his time at UCLA but Coach Ben Howland has a good track record with his players in the league recently ( Collison, Westbrook, Afflalo, Mbah a Moute, Love).


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