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NBA Mock Draft 2012 Picks 1-10

1. New Orleans Hornets – Anthony Davis (Kentucky) 6-11 222 pounds 

This is a no brainer for the Hornets. Struggling all of last year, the Hornets get a top shot blocker and a versatile big man that is still has a high ceiling in terms of offensive ability. There is no debate here, this is the #1 pick in the draft.

2. Charlotte Bobcats – Thomas Robinson (Kansas) 6-9 245 pounds 

If the Bobcats do in fact hold on to this pick (look for them to shop it around to move down in the draft and accumulate another 1st rounder), T-Rob as they call him would be the safest bet. Although the Bobcats needs just about everything, you know what you are going to get day in and day out with Robinson. A beast on the defensive glass, and a motor that doesn’t stop. His offensive game is still developing,  but if he can knock down the 15-18 foot jump shot consistently, T-Rob could be a star. Not only is Robinson a hard worker, he comes from a winning background going to high school at Brewster Academy and then on to the winningest program over the last decade, the University of Kansas.

3. Washington Wizards – Bradley Beal (Florida) 6-5 202 pounds

With the addition of Trevor Ariza in the trade with the Hornets over the off season, I’m more inclined to think the Wizards will select Beal over Kidd-Gilchrist. The Wizards need to supply John Wall with scores and Beal is the perfect fit. Can stroke it from anywhere, and can use his big frame to get into the paint and finish against contact. Another plus is his rebounding ability, Beal was one of the best rebounding guards in the country this year.

4. Cleveland Cavilers – Harrison Barnes (North Carolina) 6-8 230 pounds 

Cleveland like the Wizards have to make a decision about Kidd-Gilchrist really is? If they aren’t sold on his offensive ability, I see them grabbing Barnes here. Barnes has the great height for a 2 guard at the NBA level, and is a very intelligent player. The Cavs need some shooters for Kyrie Irving so Barnes seems like the better fit then Kidd-Gilchrist. A Irving/Barnes backcourt = Tar Heel and Blue Devil tandem, Wild.

5. Sacramento Kings – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Kentucky) 6-8 233 pounds 

The Kings ideally would like to fill up there front line, but if Thomas Robinson goes before they select, I think they take the leftovers of Barnes or Kidd-Gilchrist. Kidd-Gilchrist could help this Kings team tremendously by adding a certain toughness and winning attitude. Kidd-Gilchrist doesn’t need to put up points to affect the game, and that is exactly what the Kings need. He is a “do everything” player that is solid on both ends of the floor. I would be very happy if I were a Kings fan if they select him.

Also hearing they are looking to move down in the draft, so keep your eye out for potential trade.

6. Portland Trailblazers – Damien Lillard (Weber State) 6-3 190 pounds 

The Blazers will either select Lillard or Drummond here, but with Raymond Felton on his way out of Portland, the Trailblazers should grab the best PG in this years draft. Lillard can shoot from deep, or get to the rim with ease. He will be the type of PG the Blazers are looking for. One of my favorite players in this years draft.

7. Golden State Warriors – Dion Waiters (Syracuse) 6-4 221 pounds 

The Warriors like the Blazers will have to decide if Drummond is the real deal or a potential bust. Because there is a risk in Drummond, I see the Warriors selecting Waiters, a guard who can get to the basket and use his physical frame to overpower smaller defenders. With the loss of Monta Ellis last year, Waiters can fill that spot and let Klay Thompson move over to the 3 spot.

8. Toronto Raptors – Jeremy Lamb (UConn) 6-5 180 pounds

The Raptors would prefer Waiters here, but with him already off the board, it seems like Lamb is the pick. Lamb can provide instant scoring from a variety of different ways and will help the Raptors from the perimeter. Lamb needs to be tougher and more assertive on the court to make an impact in the NBA, but if he gets the right motivation his ceiling is high.

9. Detroit Pistons – Andre Drummond 7-0 (UConn) 280 pounds

The Pistons are in the need of big man to compliment Greg Monroe and they would be getting a steal here at 9 with Drummond. Many believe Drummond could be off the board here, so look for John Henson or Miles Leonard as alternatives. Drummond is very athletic and talented 7 footer with a high ceiling. Many are questioning his ability because of his lack of production at his one year at UConn, but at the 9 pick this isn’t a reach and is the best Center available.

10. New Orleans Hornets – Austin Rivers (Duke) 6-5 200 pounds 

If the Hornets believe Rivers can play the PG postion at the NBA level, this is a very solid choice at #10. We all know that Rivers is super talented with a sixth sense of getting the ball through the net, but can he run a team and play defense is the question? With a core of Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis, and Austin Rivers there would be plenty to look forward to in New Orleans.