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NBA Mock Draft 21-30

21. Boston Celtics – Royce White (Iowa State) 6-8 260 pounds

Hopkins High School (MN) alum Royce White is one of the most verstalie players in this years draft class. A point forward player that is at his best with the ball in his hands could be a very effective NBA player given the right coach and system. The Celtics are in need of some front court help, and White could be a steal at this point in the draft. A stat filler across the board.

22. Boston Celtics – Arnett Moultrie (Mississippi State) 6-11 223 pounds

The Celtics need a center to help with there low post presence. Playing majority the playoffs with KG as their center, Moultrie could come give them an interior toughness. Flying under the radar all season, Moultrie is a beast. He wants to dunk everything, and uses his wide frame to clear space on both ends of the floor.

23. Atlanta Hawks – Andrew Nicholson (St. Bonaventure) 6-10 235 pounds 

May come as a surprise to see this name in the first round, but don’t get it twisted, Nicholson can play. He is a true stretch 4 that has really impressed GMs during the workout process. Was a top performer at the combine this year during the pick up games and could be a nice replacement if  Josh Smith leaves Atlanta.

24. Cleveland Cavilers – Fab Melo (Syracuse) 7-0 255 pounds 

With the Cavs taking a guard with their first pick in this years draft, look for them to grab another big man to help add depth to the front line. Fab Melo in my eyes under preformed during his time at Syracuse, but could really be an effective big man in the NBA with his height and already good frame. He is athletic and is an above average shot blocker.

25. Memphis Grizzlies – Tony Wroten Jr. (Washington) 6-6 205 pounds 

A very big PG with a lot of upside, Wroten has the potential to be the steal of the draft, or a major bust. Unproven, Wroten Jr. is a talent that is worth gambling on this late in the draft. I see similarities to a player like Tyreke Evans.

26. Indiana Pacers – Draymond Green (Michigan State) 6-8 235 pounds 

One of my favorite players in college basketball last year, Green is guy that will do anything the coach asks of him. The Pacers could use a guy off the bench that brings a winning mentality, and the willingness to do the dirty work. Green as the potential to have a long career in the NBA mainly because of his high basketball IQ.

27. Miami Heat – Festus Ezeli (Vanderbilt) 6-11 265 pounds

The Heat need a true center that can bang with some of the big boys in the Eastern Conference (ie. Dwight Howard), and Ezeli has that capabilities. A true center that doesn’t need to score to be effective, Ezeli is a solid fit for the reigning NBA champs. He can provide rebounds, blocks, and a decent post up game.

28. Oklahoma City Thunder – Evan Fournier (France) 6-7 205 pounds 

The first international player taken in the draft should be Fournier. The Thunder have arguably the most stacked lineup in the NBA and have no real need which makes Fournier a solid pick. The Thunder can let Fournier develop a little more and bring him over when needed. Fournier has great height for a SG in the NBA and could be a very productive player down the road.

29. Chicago Bulls – Will Barton (Memphis) 6-6 175 pounds 

Word is that Barton has had some very good workouts, and the Bulls are looking at him very hard. I still think the Bulls are need of a knock down shooter, but there is not much first round talent (maybe John Jenkins) at this point that can provide that for them. Barton is athletic 2 guard, that can defend multiple positions and has a wide variety of offensive tools.

30. Golden State Warriors – Quincy Miller (Baylor) 6-10 220 pounds 

I had a hard time deciding between Miller and Jeff Taylor (Vanderbilt), but with the last pick in the first round the Warriors should gamble a little bit and grab Miller. With time, Miller could develop into a really nice player. He has the upside that Taylor doesn’t have, and with the right system Miller could be very productive.